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My name is Henry and I'll (usually) be your proxie walker! Your virtual travel guide! And, most importantly, your co-discover!

I make 4k Free Virtual Walking Tours for your treadmill workouts from around the world. We are a traveling family. And as we've traveled, or stayed at home during certain unpleasant historical events, I've gone out to film some walks for you. I hope they'll help you pass the time during your workout or just help you explore new places virtually.

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Virtual Walking Tours and City Walks

Virtual Walk thumbnail for Dole France virtual walk showing a park and carousel in spring
30-40 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Discover Dole, France – A Virtual Treadmill Walk

I had to take a train back to Dole from Besançon. Walking Video For Treadmill 4K FRANCE: Exploring Historic Dole Walk – Treadmill City Walks Video We stayed in Dole one night but for various reasons I had to wait a day and take a train back from Besançon to film this virtual city walks of Dole. It’s a charming little town on the river and canals and I caught it on a quiet weekday morning. I start us out near the train station and make my way down to the water. I detour through a park before getting there […]

Front of French Building and the world Nevers on the video thumbnail for a Nevers, France virtual city walk for treadmill
40-50 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Walking Through Nevers, France

We’ve arrived in Nevers, France without any foreknowledge or plan other than to film a city walk and get some rest. This marks our the end of the Loire A Velo and we’ll now just follow the EuroVelo 6. Nevers Video for Treadmill Walking Walk in Nevers on the Loire River – Video for Treadmill – City Walks I had no expectations for Nevers. I’d heard the name but knew next to nothing. What I found was a quiet little city on the Loire River. Perhaps the quiet came from the day of the week but it made for nice […]

Orleans France virtual walking video for treadmill thumbnail showing Rue Jeanne d'Arc with lots of flags
30-40 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Orleans, France Walking Tour for Treadmill

The morning we left Blois (our previous walk), we stopped at astonishing Chambord before arriving in Orleans in the late afternoon. Walking Video for Treadmill through Orleans Walking Through Orleans, France in the Loire Valley – 4K City Walks Videos for Treadmill Workouts Although it added a good chunk of miles to our ride that day, we decided to check out Chambord. It blew me away by it and I only wish I could have filmed a walk there. Alas, we didn’t have enough time. I hope you’ll take my word for it and content yourselves with a couple of […]

Blois France City walk live video thumbnail showing cafes
40-50 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Blois, France Walking Tour for Treadmill

We rode out from Tours and through Amboise to Blois. Blois Treadmill Walking Video FRANCE 4K: Blois Virtual Walking Tour – City Walks Walking Video for Treadmill From Tours we had to make some detours around flooding on our bike ride. It really started to come down as we arrived in Blois. We rode across the bridge and found a cafe in the Place de la Resistance to shelter and have hot beverages until our hotel opened up. It was back on the other side of the Loire. We eventually got checked in and I headed out to film a […]

Crowds in front of Hotel de Ville in Tours France at the end of our citywalks
40-50 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Tours, France 2nd City Walk

Immediately after our first walk, I went back to the river and started filming the second for you. Tours Treadmill Walking Video FRANCE 4K: Second Tours Walking Video for Treadmill – Medieval City on Loire River 60p In my second virtual walk through Tours, France I start out by the Loire River which has slipped it’s banks. I walk you along the shaded path a bit and then go up to Rue Nationale and head to the Chateau de Tours. The Rue Nationale crosses the Loire River and shoots straight as an arrow up the hill to the north. After […]

Tours Thumbnail showing houses in Place Plumereau during Virtual
30-40 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Tours, France Virtual Walking Tour

We’ve made it to Tours despite our de-tour (see what I did there) to Poitiers for a night. The Tours Video for Treadmill Walking FRANCE in 4K: Explore Medieval Tours on Loire River – Virtual Treadmill Walking Video We’d planned an off day in Tours but ended up with one in Poitiers, one traveling and touring, and one in Tours. The day after Poitiers, we took the train back to Tours, rode across town to our hotel and stashed our bikes. We then caught a quick train out to Chenonçeau. Chenonçeau is a medieval castle built over a river. You’ve […]

Poitiers Thumbnail for a virtual walk through the city showing the hotel de Ville with flags in the morning light
40-50 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Poitiers, France Walking Video for Treadmill

I’ve never tried to go to a city and found ZERO hotel rooms available but that happened to us in Tours one day so we had to take a detour to Poitiers. Luckily this meant a chance to film another city walk. The Walking Video for Treadmill FRANCE: Poitiers Virtual Walking Tour – 4k City Walking Videos for Treadmill Such a beautiful morning for a virtual walk in France. It was a fortuitous problem that led us there. After a long day of cycling, we had to jump straight onto a train in Tours. We arrived in Poitiers a bit before […]

Thumbnail for Angers virtual walking tour for treadmill video
50-60 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Angers, France – Rainy Virtual Walk for Treadmill

After a long ride with bouts of rain, we arrived in Angers. We explored the chateau without filming and then went to dinner. The Walking Video for Treadmill FRANCE – Exploring Rainy Angers in Virtual Walking Video for Treadmill Tour My son and I had a long day in the saddle with a few diversions due to flooded bike paths but we made it to Angers and our little apartment in time to go see the Chateau and it’s Apocalypse Tapestry, a large medieval set of tapestries commissioned by Louis I, the Duke of Anjou, and woven in Paris between […]

Nantes, France Virtual Walk video thumbnail
40-50 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Nantes, France 2nd Virtual Walking Tour

Our second Nantes virtual walk takes us to a cathedral, the Chateau, and into an older section with lots of cafes and restaurants. The Nantes, France Treadmill Walking Video FRANCE – Virtual Walk Through Nantes – Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour My second walk in Nantes and the rain tried to return but I walked past a small store and was able to buy a cheap umbrella right as it started sprinkling. I start off near a little park and make our way down in the direction of the chateau. We pass many restaurants including L’entrecote with a significant line. Must […]

Nantes, France virtual walk thumbnail with face and elephant puppet machine
40-50 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Nantes, France City Walk

It seemed early to take a day off from our bike tour since we’d only ridden one day but Nantes has so much to see and do we felt like we just needed to explore. Nantes Treadmill Walking Video FRANCE – Exploring Nantes in a Virtual Walk – Treadmill Walking Tour – 4k City Walks After a 40 mile ride to start our tour, in the rain, we’d hoped for some better weather but spring is a rainy time in France. Luckily (?) the rain held off until I started my walk. We had all day to see museums and […]

Saint Nazaire Virtual Walk Thumbnail of ferris wheel and statue
50-60 Mins, Europe, France Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Saint Nazaire, France Virtual Walk

Our first full day in France we spend in the coastal town of Saint Nazaire at the mouth of the Loire River. The Treadmill Walking Tour Workout FRANCE – Exploring Saint Nazaire on the Coast – 4k Virtual Treadmill Tour We have made it to France. Our first stop is in Saint Nazaire. We’re excited to start our big bike ride to Switzelrand but we’re taking a day to reset our internal clocks after the flight. Saint Nazaire is a quiet, charming little sea-side town of about 80K at the mouth of the Loire Valley. In addition to its history […]

Gardiner Montana thumbnail for city walk video
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, North America, Walk Length

Gardiner, MT Walking Tour – Yellowstone Gateway Town

Spring time walk in Gardiner, a town on the edge of Yellowstone. Virtual Treadmill Walking Workout in Gardiner, MT Gardiner Montana Virtual Walk and Treadmill Tour Video – 4k City Walks We are back in the little town of Gardiner on a grey spring day. Gardiner has a ton of charm and during the summer, it fills with happy tourists here to visit the National Park to the south. But in April, the town doesn’t have many visitors and stays pretty quiet. It’s a great time to visit even though most of the roads in the park are still closed. […]