steam rises from yellowstone river on frigid winter day

Walking in the bitter cold can be tough and that’s why this one is a bit shorter. It’s a bit of a thrill though to be out in such severe weather. The frost and steam mixed with the clear blue ski make for a fun little adventure on this virtual walk.

Ferocious COLD virtual walking tour – 25C tour in Livingston Hike Walk Along Yellowstone River – City Walks 4K 60p – Brrrrr!!!

It got COLD and we have been huddling inside as much as possible. -23F last night and up to -13F when I went for this walk. It’s so cold it hurts any bits that are exposed but it’s stunningly beautiful. The steam from the river creates bright white frosted trees. The snow is so dry from the cold that it creates crystals that glimmer in the light.

Let’s take a walk along the Yellowstone River, steaming and filled with ice, and enjoy some virtual treadmill scenery. Stay warm out there and keep on Steppin’ -Henry

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