Take a walk on the colder side. It gets pretty cold in Montana but we don’t let it slow us down too much. That’s one of the many reasons we make videos for treadmill workouts.

The Virtual Treadmill Walk:

5F Walk in Bozeman Montana Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour – Another COLD one – City Walks Virtual Treadmill Walking Scenery

It’s a cold day in Bozeman. We take a self-guided walking tour along Main Street and the downtown area. Well, I’ll be your guide actually. Extreme cold meets the history laced downtown area in this gem of Southwest Montana.

This kind of cold can be dangerous but if you are prepared for it, I kind of enjoy the invigorating challenge. The snow sounds different because it’s more like sand and the air stays very dry because it can’t hold moisture at these temps. Still, it’s Montana, and life goes on pretty much as usual. Though, maybe we spend a little more time in a coffee shop or inside reading.

Wilson School Condos in Bozeman on very cold day
Videos for treadmill mean we walk in the cold so you don’t have to

Bozeman has grown so much in the last 10 years that we have lots of new faces around. If you are new to the area or just visiting. Be sure to be prepared for this type of weather. Dress warmly, keep skin covered, and keep a winter emergency kit in your car with a shovel, sleeping bag, and food.

Thanks to our Patreon Supporters. Keep on steppin’ -H

fence made of skis on snowy day in Bozeman Montana
Standard ski town fence made from old skis. Just one of the funky bits we see on our virtual walking tour.

Another great thing about this type of cold, the skies are usually very clear and the light reflects off the snow to make all the colors pop. Sunglasse make walking around much more tolerable.

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