Small town Montana walk in summer

Walking tour of Laurel MT – Railroad town – 4K City Walks – Virtual Travel Walking Treadmill Scenery

It’s summer in central Montana. Today’s virtual travel walking tour, we take you to Laurel Montana on a hot day. Filming virtual walks for treadmill can be tough sometimes. Laurel is a town of almost 8000 people and lies about 25 miles west of Billings on Interstate 90. The town was originally known as the station of Carlton, however by 1883, its name was changed to Laurel, after a local shrub. While Europeans had been settling in the area since the 1870’s, Laurel wasn’t officially incorporated until 1908. My how the world has changed.

Turn south here to head down to Joliet and Red Lodge. Known for its oil refinery and rail yard, Laurel has been around for about a hundred years now. It’s an east–west terminal division point of the Burlington-Northern Railroad and is just blocks away from the Yellowstone River.

There’s a lot of gas stations, a Walmart, and a hotel near the highway. The refinery sits on the other side of that. We focus on the old Main street and residential areas. I hope you enjoy this virtual Montana walking tour.

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