Walk around historic Anaconda, Montana in the cold, we get to see some of the character of this old mining town.

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It’s a cold frosty morning. Today we take you on the Second of two walking tours in Anaconda Montana. I had some technical difficulties (GoPro being weird) and it sort of cuts out at the end. Anaconda became known and made a name for its mining history. We will walk from Smelter City Brewing down Main Street past the Kennedy Commons park, the Library, the High School, and the county courthouse.

The city got its start with Marcus Daly, one of the so called Copper Kings, in 1883. He originally wanted to call it Copperopolis but it turned out the name was already taken. Instead he named it after the smelter company of the same name. The city is 25miles from Butte which made it very accessible to the raw material being extracted there.

The city became known for the pollution that came with that history and is a super fund site. You can get a glimpse of the mining history from the little houses that line our root and the occasional large house as well. I was struck by the beautiful snowy Pintlar mountains the surround the town on three sides and I’m basically in love with the Smelter Brewing company building. The bright morning shone cold and crisp for a walk, so much so we did two.

Anaconda has a population of nearly 10,000. Tge Anaconda smelter served to process copper ore from the Butte mines.

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