Are you ready to walk through Antiquity? My Pompeii virtual walking tour will astOUND you.

The Treadmill Walking Tour:

Virtual Treadmill Walk in Italy 🇮🇹 Ancient Pompeii Ruins Walking Tour in 4K

Today we walk in the ruins of ancient Pompeii south of Naples. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and active archeological site as well. We’ll even get a glimpse of archeologists at work.

Tour leader with tour group in Pompeii
A guided tour is well worth the expense at a site as large as Pompeii

Pompeii used to house over 10,000 inhabitants. They were buried in ash and pumice during the eruption of nearby Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD and lay underground for over a 1000 years. This vast park takes up over 100 acres or 44 Hectares. The World Heritage site has been immaculately preserved and could take up days of your trip you wish, or just absorb what you can while you are there. Hiring a guide will help and is absolutely worth the money.
I also highly recommend bring some food and planning your bathroom breaks. There are a few restrooms on the site but not a lot given its size. We start out at the forum near the Sea Gate which is the closest gate to the train station.

What can I say about these ruins that hasn’t already been said. Not much. Better get started on our walk.

Tourists on street of ancient Pompeii archeological park
The Pompeii Archeological Park gets pretty busy at midday.

This is the first of three Pompeii walks. Keep an eye out for our Herculaneum walk as well and check out the link below to the 360 walk I did.
Keep on steppin’ -H

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