We get some incredible views as we walk down from Angels landing. The trail is incredibly well maintained and accessible.

Take 4K Nature Walks to Angels Landing Approach Trail – Zion National Park – 4K City Walks

One of the iconic hikes in American Parks has to be Angels Landing in Zion National Park in Utah. It’s a steep relatively short hike up into a canyon with epic views and then into “Walter’s Wiggles”, a series of switchbacks to the real fun, the 1/2 mile of protective chains and 2 foot wide stone path with literal 1000 foot drop on either side. And by fun I mean terrifying. I turned around after 50 yards but @TravelingMel and oldest son made it all the way out and back. There was a steady stream of people making the trek.

I consoled myself with the epic views on the way back down. I highly suggest getting there as early as possible to avoid the thickest crowds. There was a steady hurried stream up the hill and it almost had the feel of a pilgrimage. Maybe I’ll try again someday but for now I’m happy with this relaxing travel walk through one of the most beautiful places in the US.
EDIT: There is now a permit system for Angels Landing.
Also, there are tons of great hotels, restaurants, and shops in Springdale and the surrounding areas including vacation rental apartments if you are traveling to the Zion area.

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