After a long ride with bouts of rain, we arrived in Angers. We explored the chateau without filming and then went to dinner.

The Walking Video for Treadmill

FRANCE – Exploring Rainy Angers in Virtual Walking Video for Treadmill Tour

panorama of the Apocalypse Tapestry in the Chateau d'Angers during our walking video for treadmill
The Apocalypse Tapestry has a beautiful display

My son and I had a long day in the saddle with a few diversions due to flooded bike paths but we made it to Angers and our little apartment in time to go see the Chateau and it’s Apocalypse Tapestry, a large medieval set of tapestries commissioned by Louis I, the Duke of Anjou, and woven in Paris between 1377 and 1382. Also the longest tapestry in the world.

Inside the Chateau of Angers prior to our virtual walk
Inside the Chateau there are some beautiful fairy tale style elements

On this walk though, I start you out in the Place du Ralliement where we had dinner at a simulacrum of an English pub. It’s a beautiful square and I then walk you off into the surrounding neighborhoods with it’s ancient and modern buildings.

Place du Raillement in Angers where I start the virtual walking tour
A rainy start in Place du Raillement in Angers, France

I’ll walk you around the outside of Anger’s castle (or chateau in French) and share some of the information I learned on my own visit. Unfortunately, it’s closed so we can’t film inside. After giving you a look out over the Loire River, I walk back into the oldest section of town and show some of those classic medieval half timbered buildings.

The Chateau d'Angers from below showing gardens during our virtual city tour
The castle seems formidable

I loop you around to the cathedral (Montée Saint-Maurice) and manage to find my way inside so I can quickly show you around the interior there. It’s a beautiful, if dark, church with high ceilings and beautiful windows. I can here some singing in the back rooms where the choir is practicing.

After leaving the cathedral of Angers, I take you around to a newer commercial area. We see some more medieval half-timbered buildings and dodge the rain. But, we manage to find our way back to the Place du Ralliement where I started as the sun starts to peak out. It’s a beautiful evening for a walk.

Inside Angers Cathedral on our city walk
A brighter view of the inside of Angers Cathedral Montée Saint-Maurice

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