Stroll through the beautiful red rocks of Arches National Park

There are a lot of amazing structures in Arches National Park but The Landscape arch is an awesome, delicate spindly thing. This trail is very easy to get to but can get crowded but we have it with out much other walkers. It’s located in the Devil’s Garden Trail and on the way you can find Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arches. If you are willing to scramble and put in the distance, there are more arches on a loop. I really enjoyed my brief time in Arches National Park and can’t wait to get back with the family. Arches is right outside of Moab, UT

Walking tours for treadmill get the heart pumping without the adrenaline that mainstream tv has evolved to do. While our channel name is City Walks, we often branch out to virtual walks in nature and walking trails for treadmill. We try to provide virtual walks for treadmill exercise that help you relax instead of watching news or dramatic tv that is designed to raise your cortisol levels.

Arches National Park Virtual Walk – Landscape Arch – 4k Nature Walk & Treadmill Trail – CityWalks

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