March is showing its winter fangs in Montana!

Virtual Walk for Treadmill Video:

4K Montana Winter Walk – Bleak but Beautiful – Old Swingley Road Virtual Treadmill Tour – City Walks

A bleak winter landscape as we start a virtual walk in Montana
Though cold, I enjoy filming virtual walks in this type of landscape

The weather has shifted and it’s gotten cold and blowy. Never the less, let’s have a walking workout in the wind and snow along Old Swingley Road just east of Livingston. We get some ominous views of cloud shrouded mountains and frost covered forests from the open stretches of desolate winter prairie.

Winter storm clouds in the mountains of Montana on our virtual walk and citywalk live
I love the mood inveighed by the ominous clouds in the mountains.

We start out on small promontory out in the open prairie with cloudy views of Sheep Mountain to the north but turn south. The cold wind bights at my face but I find that invigorating. I head down to Old Swingley Road but then decide to head up the road to Livingston Peak for better views.

Views of the snowy mountains with clouds during a virtual walk
The smaller mountains of the Absarokas sit just below the clouds

I get to the top of a rise so we can get some nice views of the the surrounding mountain ranges. This is an underrated area in my opinion. Yes, the cold in winter and the heat in summer make it a bit harsh but I love the big wide open of it. I hope you enjoy the walk too. After all, you get to keep warm at home while enjoying the winter views of Montana in March. Keep on steppin’ -H

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