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Mural in downtown Tucson, Arizona
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Tucson Walking Tour – Virtual City Walk in AZ

We’ve been wanting to spend some time in Tucson for years now and finally got the chance. The downtown area is smaller than I expected but still intriguing. The Treadmill Virtual Walking Tour Video: Tucson Arizona Walking Tour – Virtual Walking Tours for treadmill Tucson Arizona sits down near the border with Mexico and despite having the second largest population in Arizona, it has the feel of a much smaller place. Admittedly, I filmed this virtual walking tour after about 12 hours in town so my knowledge is limited but we drove around quite a bit and explored. We start […]

Hiker in Sabino Canyon near Tucson Arizona on our virtual walking tours
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Desert Walk – Sabino Canyon in Arizona

We are southern Arizona around Tucson for a bit and we are exploring some of the many hiking trails in the area. The Virtual Treadmill Walk: Sabino Canyon Walking Tour – Tucson Area Virtual Treadmill Walk – 4k City Walks We have wanted to explore Arizona for quite a long time. While we only have a relatively short time on this trip, we hope to get back soon. As mentioned, we are in the Tucson area. Tucson has a ton of outdoor activities to explore. The trail to Seven Falls is one of the great hikes near Tucson and is […]

City Walks Live posting a walk in front of El Segundo High School
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Morning City Walk – El Segundo, CA

Let’s take another morning virtual walking tour around charming, quiet El Segundo, California. The Virtual Treadmill Walk: California Walking Tour – El Segundo Virtual Treadmill Video – 4k City Walks We have returned to sleepy El Segundo for a virtual walking tour on a winter morning. Though, it’s California so it’s hard to tell that winter is here. We’ve walked here before with a slightly different path so we see some new territory on this walk. Of course, that’s one of the draws of El Segundo: it’s small and quiet and local and near the beach. You rarely get that […]

Hogback virtual treadmill walking tour
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Winter on the Hog Back Trail Walk

The views from the Hogback trail can be epic any time of year but especially on a winter afternoon. Treadmill Walking Video: 4K Montana Nature Walk – Hogback Trail Yellowstone Valley Virtual Walking Tours – City Walks Today on our virtual walking tour, I take you down the Hogback Trail. It’s about 15 minutes south of town and actually on private land. Lucky for use, the owners give access to the public when it’s not hunting season. It’s on the west side of Paradise valley so it stays drier most of the year and makes for a great off season […]

Old buildings in winter in downtown West Yellowstone, Montana virtual walking tours
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Winter West Yellowstone Virtual Walking Tour

It’s winter in West Yellowstone, MT. City Walk for Treadmill Video: Winter Walking Tour on Edge of Yellowstone: West Yellowstone Virtual City Tour – 4K City Walks @TravelingMelMT and I took a weekend down to wonderful West Yellowstone, MT in December. The little city bursts at its seems in summer with the excitement of people visiting Yellowstone National Park but in winter it gets much quieter. Even more so the week before Christmas. Of course plenty of snow coach and snowmobile tours take off for day tours into the park and to take people into the snow lodge at Old […]

Snowy mountain creek valley with fire killed trees. Text says Winter Nature and Virtual Treadmill Entertainment
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Winter Treadmill Walking Video – Deep Creek in Snow

Today was a cold but not frigid day. Despite the cold, it’s actually warmer than normal. Let me take you on a virtual walking tour up snowy Deep Creek. Video for Treadmill Walk: Winter Virtual Nature Walk for Treadmill – Deep Creek in Paradise Valley, MT – 4K City Walks Let’s take a winter walk up Deep Creek. I actually filmed a walk up this way back in June of 2021. The seasons have changed, of course, and this day I had overcast and windy weather. I start at the trail head and get some nice views back over Paradise […]

Flame from hot air ballon basket lights faces as part of the Bozeman Christmas Stroll
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Bozeman Christmas Stroll – Videos for Treadmill

Virtual Treadmill Walk: Christmas Stroll Crowds and Flame Thrower – 4k City Walks – Videos for Treadmill Per requests by several people, I tried to get a walking tour of the Bozeman Christmas lights for the latest of my virtual tours of cities. I chose to film the 43rd Annual Bozeman Christmas Stroll Event because it seemed like it would be more interesting. And it was, however, the crowds also made filming a bit more challenging. Add into that, the low light and using and iphone, and the footage came out mucky. Still, it’s a fun citywalk and we see […]

View of the mountains from George Lake Trailhead
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George Lake Trail – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill

It’s strange to think of winter as having a rainbow of colors but the light saturated every part of the spectrum on this one. The Virtual Treadmill Walk: Montana Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – New Trail – City Walks 4K Thanks to @TravelingMel for suggesting this route. As I explain in the above video, rather than go shopping, we were out with friends to grab a Christmas tree and congregate around a fire on a cold day. The light snow had highlighted the rocky cliffs and the peaks stood out against the grey clouds. Mel and Finn did this […]

Cow and barn with autumn colors and blue sky
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Virtual Valley Nature Walking Tour for Treadmill

The Treadmill Walking Video: Hidden Valley virtual Walking Tour out West – 4k City Walks and Treadmill Walking Videos Hello Walkers. This week’s walk takes us back to the beautiful Jackson Creek area. This Forest Service road takes off from the paved Jackson Creek road located just west of Bozeman Pass before you get to the canyon section of I-90.  This morning, we filmed the dirt road last August when the weather was much warmer. This morning brings us clear skies and crisp cool autumn light for our virtual treadmill walk. It’s a fairly easy 2 mile walk past fields […]

Palisade Falls
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Palisade Falls – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill

Today’s virtual walking tour is a return to Palisades Falls. We hiked this nature trail a couple of years ago at a similar time of year. The falls are located up Hyalite Canyon to the east of the reservoir. It’s a relatively short, paved trail with a bit of ice this time of year. Still, it’s very accessible. Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill to Palisades Falls – Nature Walking Tours If nothing else, the drive up to Hyalite Canyon is worth it. The locals love this area since they can get up here in about a half our. You’ll get […]

Looking East along Strickland road for our virtual walks
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Montana Virtual Nature Walking Tour – Paradise Valley

We’re back to nature on a breezy fall day in Paradise Valley. Today’s virtual walking tour is a nature walk. Due to hunting season, I opted out of a mountain trail. Also, I couldn’t find my blaze orange hat and vest. It’s really not dangerous but it’s better to be seen this time of year. That said, TravelingMel suggested Strickland Road which leads west from the valley. I went out and scouted it and it looked like a great place to walk. I walked up a little over a mile and made my way back so the view would be […]

Walkers on Main Street in Livingston
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Snowy Virtual Walk in Livingston, MT

Winter Virtual Walking Tour Through Livingston, MT I thought I’d just done a Livingston walk but realized that was back in June. I’ve done a couple other local nature walks with fall colors but the weather has finally switched and we’ve gotten a little snow storm and some single digit temps. Therefore, I thought I’d give you a quick taste of winter to show off our little town in the beauty of the snow. It’s also a little different because many of the trees got caught with their leaves still on so we get the snow contrasted with oranges and […]