4K City Walks: Banska Bystrica, Slovakia Old Town in Winter – Virtual Walk Treadmill City Guide

Let’s explore historic Banská Bystrica! Is a free city walking tour of the old town of Banská Bystrica, SK. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia is not on the main tourist route in the country but it’s a lovely town with a small but friendly old town center with lots of warm, cozy restaurants and cafes and shops. It also has a small castle, with a brew pub at its base, and a sizable church. Banska Bystrica is in the Low Tatras mountains and has several ski areas nearby in the winter and lots of hiking and biking trails in the summer. I’m your tour guide on this free walking tour around downtown Banská Bystrica, SK. It’s a small, historic, beautiful city in Slovakia with a charming old town and great prices for tourists. This free tour Banská Bystrica is a great treadmill video.

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