Hiking Bear Canyon Montana in the Snow – Virtual Treadmill Nature Walk by City Walks

A viewer requested I hike Bear Canyon last year and I thought it was a great idea. Then I forgot about it all winter but they reminded me last week. Thanks so much! The weather didn’t really cooperate but the snow falling made me feel calm once I got over resenting it’s delay of spring. Bear Canyon lies just a few miles outside of Bozeman, south of the Interstate. A small road winds its way slowly back to a trail head where the road dead ends. Actually several trails lead off from here and the area provides some great recreation in summer and winter. If you are traveling to the Bozeman area and looking for some nice hiking trails, this is much more accessible during the summer and quite beautiful.
It’s funny how walking in nature can bring on a sense of calm. I hope this nature trail scenery will do something similar for you during your workout or just watching at home.

Looking for another snowy hike around Bozeman, MT? Try this one at Triple Tree.
Just looking for Nature and Beach walks?

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