Tourists walk amongst restaurants and shops in the streets of Belgrade, Serbia in summer
Walk the streets of Belgrade Serbia on a hot summer morning

Belgrade Serbia blew us away and we wish we could have spent more time there. Though it was soooo hot and we only had a day and a half, we had an amazing time exploring in our virtual walks.

Belgrade, Serbia virtual treadmill walking tour – city walking tours

Today we walk through the early morning city of Belgrade, Serbia ( or Beograd, Serbija as the locals call it). We start at Cirila Park, Make our way through Tašmajdan Park, past the Church of Saint Mark, and the National Assembly building. Then past Hotel Moscow, into the Pedestrian zone and past Republic Square, on to the Kalemegdanska terasa and the Belgrade fortress with the display of old military hardware and eventually overlooking the Sava and Danube Rivers. Belgrade or Beograd means “white city” and is named for the white walls of the fortress overlooking the two main waterways and thoroughfares of the region. It has been a place of frequent conflict and bombardment, most recently with the NATO bombing of the city in the 1990s.

00:10 – Cirila Park
07:03 – Tašmajdan Park
11:48 – Church of Saint Mark
14:50 – National Assembly Building (and protest signs)
20:31 – Hotel Moscow
23:00 – Pedestrian zone
24:00 – Republic Square ( Trg Republike)
32:11 – Kalemegdanska terasa
35:35 – Belgrade Fortress
37:18 – Military Hardware
41:29 – View of the Sava and Danube rivers meeting
42:41 – Statue of “The Victor”

Woman looking at the Danube river in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a vibrant, burgeoning city trying desperately to emerge from the economic turmoil wrought by war and sanctions. The food is wonderful and the people are welcoming. We visited on a very hot few days which made it almost unpleasant. It also gets quite cold in the winter. However, we had a wonderful time, including a river tour and several delicious and inexpensive meals. The train system is a bit slow but will get you where you are going. The train from Bar, Montenegro to Serbia took about 14 hours and included a bus ride at the end but the views of SW rural Serbia were magical. If you get the chance to visit, you should definitely take it.

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