Billings lies in the central part of Montana and, while it doesn’t have the mountains of the west, it does have lots of great open, natural country to explore.

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In today’s windy virtual walk, we take you back to Billings, Montana and John H. Dover Memorial Park on the east side of town next to the Yellowstone River. There are several city parks along the river and a pedestrian walking / biking trail system, though I’m not sure it reaches all the way out here. We take a virtual hike along the rim and then down into the cottonwoods and out over the cobble to the river then back to the car in our virtual treadmill walk. You will cross a couple of suspension foot bridges and get blown around by the wind a bit. Just before and not long after, incredibly strong winds kicked up and stayed up. They blew over a semi in Livingston (not the first this year) and set records in Billings. They even ripped off a bit of my car as I drove home. We also get a bit of rain.

footbridge in John H. Dover Memorial Park in Billings, MT
Virtual Walking Tour of John H. Dover park has two suspension foot bridges

Virtual walks for treadmill are a great way to burn some calories and anxiety for fitness and calm during quarantine lockdowns. If you have any suggestions for more virtual hikes and walking tours for treadmill in and around Montana, please put them in the comments below. Creating these virtual treadmill walking scenery and walking tours for treadmill is a lot of fun and great exercise but I also get a lot of motivation and joy from your comments so please let me know what you think in the comments section below.

One interesting thing I wanted to point out: This park is actually private land. It was created by the Yellowstone River Parks Association ( YRPA ) and they maintain it. I just think that’s a cool community endeavor.

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