We rode out from Tours and through Amboise to Blois.

Blois Treadmill Walking Video

FRANCE 4K: Blois Virtual Walking Tour – City Walks Walking Video for Treadmill

City of Blois from Bridge on grey day during virtual walking tour
Blois from the bridge

From Tours we had to make some detours around flooding on our bike ride. It really started to come down as we arrived in Blois. We rode across the bridge and found a cafe in the Place de la Resistance to shelter and have hot beverages until our hotel opened up. It was back on the other side of the Loire.
We eventually got checked in and I headed out to film a virtual city walk. I start out on the bridge. The river is wide here and it really was raging along. I take us back through the Place de la Resistance and find my way up to the Cathédrale Saint-Louis. It’s closed for the evening but we get a good look before I head over to the Hotel de Ville and a small park.

The escalier de Peppin from the top where city walks live during our virtual tour
L’escalier de Peppin from the top

From there I find my way over to the chateau stopping to gander at the Escalier Denis Papin. Moving on, we get a good look up at the back side of the chateau from the front of Église Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. I really liked the covered porches and wish we’d had time to take a tour of the Chateau. Nevertheless, I climb up and around the chateau to the Place de Chateau where we can go take a peak inside the courtyard at least.

The Chateau de Blois from behind during our virtual treadmill walking video
Chateau de Blois from behind

I head back down the main part of town through the Place Louis XII which has several lively restaurants and cafes. Then, it’s back to the river where we end up at a tree lined park along the banks. Thanks for joining me on this city walk. Keep on Steppin’ -Henry

Bridge over the Loire River at Blois
The Loire River in flood state at Blois

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