Bodie Ghost Town State Park Walking Tour Near Mammoth, California – Virtual Travel California Walk

In this walking Tour of Bodie Ghost Town State Park Near Mammoth, CA we take you on a virtual treadmill walking workout. This really cool state park lives in the desert of central California. It lies on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Bodie exploded as a gold rush boom town with thousands of people seeking their fortune in the desert. It has a rough and fairly violent history.

We start this historical walking tour in the cemetery overlooking the town and we make our way back down through the town and try to gaze into the very reflective windows. As we walk, we pass lots of old buildings to learn about but the town. It grew much larger before nature began to take its toll. This video acts as a great virtual treadmill workout if you are on your exercise machine or just a great taste of virtual travel if you are interested in California and the gold rush.

Finally, We call our channel City Walks, but we branch out from time to time to take you to less developed areas, small towns, and natural areas.
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