🇮🇹Bolzano, Italy (Bressanone) – Mountain City Treadmill Workout & Travel Tour City Walks – 4K

It’s a rainy afternoon in the Italian city of Bolzano / Bressanone. The city in South Tyrol has Austrian roots as it was historically germanic until the post WW1 settlement. Many locals from the smaller areas still speak German but we found all the tourist facing folks spoke Italian, German, and English quite well. I keep trying to use my limited Italian and German and they keep replying in English. It’s probably way easier for them than trying to decipher what I’m saying. None the less, the narrow lanes and 19th century buildings mixed in with more modern structures and renovations charms me as I take you from the near the Duomo (Cathedral) to the Train Station, and back out to the river park. We pass by piazzas, cafes, shops, hotels, and a bunch of people out for their evening commute. The surrounding areas are mountainous and I loved seeing the number of people on bikes and e-bikes. They reduced auto traffic and the e-bikes all seemed to have accessories for carrying one or two kids or groceries or other things. I hope you enjoy this treadmill workout even if you are just watching for fun. Keep on steppin’ -H

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