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Christmas Stroll Crowds and Flame Thrower – 4k City Walks – Videos for Treadmill

Per requests by several people, I tried to get a walking tour of the Bozeman Christmas lights for the latest of my virtual tours of cities. I chose to film the 43rd Annual Bozeman Christmas Stroll Event because it seemed like it would be more interesting. And it was, however, the crowds also made filming a bit more challenging. Add into that, the low light and using and iphone, and the footage came out mucky.

People visiting the Bozeman Christmas Stroll at sunset as seen in the virtual walking tours of the event
As the sun goes down and people arrive, Main street is closed for walking

Still, it’s a fun citywalk and we see the wonderful holiday spirt alive within the community. I really enjoyed seeing all the happy kids and people with dogs. Also, a lot of people rode their bikes and that brought me some joy as well.

Every year they close down main street for the stroll, along with a bunch of other community events. Santa arrives and his procession of carolers escort him down Main and at each intersection they light up the lights above. They used to shoot off a roman candle firework to “light” the lights but I guess wiser heads have prevailed as the crowds have gotten bigger. They usually have food vendors and the local shops are almost all open and ready for the hollidays.

The Ellen Theater lit up and the holiday lights over main street in Bozeman during virtual walking tour
The Ellen has a classic look and you can tell how crowded this walking tour was

Finn, my youngest, came with me and we got cocoa, explored the Country Bookshelf, and then got dinner downtown. As we walked to our car the snow started falling. Wonderful.
Keep on steppin’ -H

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