Bozeman, MT Treadmill Walking Video:

4K City Walks – Bozeman Montana – March 23 – Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk and Travel

These were worrying times, back in March 2020, and information can help calm some of those worries.This is my walk in spring of that year through Bozeman Montana during a period of Social distancing. I’ve enjoyed seeing other channels posting what their cities look like around the world as this Corona Virus pandemic spread. Looking back at this now from several years later, I’m also struck by how many of the big buildings have been added since then. We see several of them under construction during this walk that are now taken for granted. The building boom (and price boom) continues though population growth has slowed a half tick.

Construction next to the Element Hotel in Bozeman during a 2020 citywalk
The AC Hotel as they prepare the site

Armory Hotel under construction in Bozeman Montana as seen on citywalk
The Armory Hotel was still under construction in March 2020

What it was like:

Montana was under a state of emergency and all schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, and non-essential public gathering places were banned from opening. Gallatin County (where Bozeman is) had become the hot bed of infections in the state. When this was filmed there were 16 of the 45 confirmed cases in the state. None of these were severe enough to require hospitalization yet but the number was growing quickly. As you will see, the streets are mostly empty. Grocery stores and other retail are open but traffic is light. I went to Costco after this walk and they were slowing down the entrances by only letting 50 people in every five minutes. This was a good step as it allowed people to calm down and realize they will get in. I had to wait 4 minutes to get in; there wasn’t much of a line. The store wasn’t crowded and they had plenty of food, lots of flour, and even a pallet of Toilet Paper that went quickly.

Fish mural on Montana Angler building in Bozeman, Montana during virtual citywalk
Derek Deyoung style mural on the Montana Angler building

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