It’s a fine spring day and we are back in Bozeman to check in with all the changes that have been happening.

The Virtual Treadmill Walk

Bozeman, MT Virtual Walking Tour and Treadmill Walking Video in 4K

Downtown Bozeman, Montana in Virtual Walking Tour
Downtown Bozeman in Spring city walk

The sun is shining and despite the cold of April hanging around, the light makes everything nicer and full of hope. We’re back in Bozeman for a pleasant spring Saturday virtual walking tour. It’s a quiet and peaceful Saturday and we once again start off downtown near the Emerson Center. It’s fairly quiet this afternoon but things will pick up in summer as the tourism season starts.

Typical house in the South Side Neighborhood on Willson Ave during a city walk
So many beautiful houses in the South Side of Bozeman

From there we make our way up Willson to the historic Story Mansion and then back into the South Side neighborhood and a few parks. The South Side has a bunch of wonderful, classic old homes and fully mature trees. It’s a relaxing place to walk and day dream.

people in hammocks in Cooper Park towards the end of the virtual walking tour
Locals enjoying the spring weather in Cooper Park

We even get over to 11th street before returning to the Emerson Center. West of 11th has smaller and more “modern” homes from the 60’s and 70’s. A lot of students and young people rent homes in this area, if they can afford it. Cooper park is one of the local off-leash dog parks and for that reason it has the nickname “Pooper Park” but most owners do a pretty good job of cleaning up after their pets. I love the big trees that shade the lawn there.

I hope you enjoy the virtual walk. KOS (keep on steppin’ ) – H

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