Bozeman, Montana Downtown Summer Virtual Walking Tour – 4K City Walks

A short Walking tour through downtown Bozeman, MT on a hot summer day in July. Most people think of cold when they think of Montana but it can get pretty darn hot. Luckily, it also usually lacks humidity and cools off at night. The summer I moved out here, it got over a hundred degrees for two weeks. It was still nicer than 90F and 100% humidity in Virginia.

Bozeman has only gotten busier over the years I’ve lived here and as the population has doubled, so has the tourist traffic. It has the busiest airport in Montana that has never stopped expanding. Bozeman offers so many activities for visitors including restaurants, shops, museums, hotels, and live events.

Summer day in Downtown Bozeman, Montana
Virtual tours of cities in Montana have to include Bozeman

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