Cranes painted on shed in Bozeman
I love finding great public art while walking around cities

Today’s virtual walking tour takes along the streets of Bozeman, Montana. It’s a long walk today at just over an hour. Filming Virtual tours of cities can be a bit tough when the weather doesn’t cooperation but the fall colors really pop on a cool fall day. We’ve filmed in Bozeman several times before but it’s been over a year so I figured I’d go back and give an updated virtual walk. We start at the Emerson Center for the Arts and walk down Main Street to the Library and then into the North Side neighborhood. We circle back to Main Street and end up at the Emerson again. I hope you enjoy our virtual walks. Let us know what we can do better in the comments. Keep on steppin’ -H

Bozeman’s population and popularity has boomed over the last 10 years. It’s home to a lot of new folks and certainly a lot of new visitors. It’s really trying to retain its unique western culture but the city has really made a concerted effort to keep control of many of the challenges. None the less, problems persist. Housing costs are out of control and local workers struggle to find places to live. That said, there’s plenty of great activities, shopping, and places to stay in Bozeman. We pass several of the newer hotels downtown on our wander. I also point out a bunch of the wonderful restaurants and classic wester bars downtown.

tourists in downtown bozeman, mt

Yellowstone TV show has been a power house drawing tourists the last 7 years. Although the fictional Duttons “live” nearby, the show Yellowstone is actually filmed elsewhere.

Trees shade road near Emerson Center in Bozeman, Montana during our virtual walking tour and city walk live
Late summer still has shade to offer the sylvan streets of Bozeman during our city walk .

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