City Walks 4K – 🇮🇹 Brixen – 🇮🇹 Bressanone Italy Walking Tour – Virtual Treadmill Walk

We took a short trip to Austria and on the way I had time to film the very start of the AV2.
Today we explore Brixen / Bressanone on our virtual treadmill walk. This charming little riverside town in the Italian Dolomites serves as a jumping off point for the Alta Via 2 but it also has the wonderful charm of a small germanic village. We lucked into a market and brilliant fall day. With lots of shops, restaurants, and hotels, it also has a train station and autobus station. You can take a gondola up into the mountains as well but in this walk we stick to the town itself. Brixen is just an hour’s ride north of Bolzano and a couple hours from Innsbruck, Austria where we were eventually headed on this day. We will do a couple walks there as well, but, first, let’s take a virtual walk through Brixen / Bressanone, Italy.

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