And now for something completely different. This may be my shortest “walk” I’ve posted but I wanted to share something a little different. A few weeks ago, we spent a couple nights at Bryce Canyon National Park so that we could do a cross country ski along the rim. It was a short jaunt (we thought the trail would be open along the entire rim) but we went and skied a bit along another trail later. I’ve been wanting to try filming a cross country ski for awhile. The views of red rock, green trees, and white snow lived up to our expectations. So beautiful!!!
I hope you enjoy this little experiment. Let me know what you think of this mode. I figure many of you are just looking for some entertainment while you work out whether on treadmill or other exercise machine. Cheers and keep on…slidin’ -H

Bryce Canyon NP Cross Country Skiing – Virtual Treadmill Scenery from City Walks

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