4K City Walks – Walking Cannon Beach Oregon – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill Youtube Scenery

You will walk the cool summer beach and secluded streets of the PNW in “4K City Walks – Walking Canon Beach Oregon – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill Youtube Scenery”. We take you to the Oregon coast in this virtual travel walking video. We start out in the northern section of the popular tourist town of Cannon Beach, OR. The streets are quiet this morning as we meander about seeing the various restaurants and shops and hotels. We then make our way out to the beach via the Ecola Creek. The weather is cool and misty with the summer sun struggling to burn through the fog. Joggers and beach walkers are out with their pets. We make our way south towards the iconic Haystack rock which remains shrouded in clouds. The tide is low and the waves crashing on the shore are also hidden. As we continue along the shore, standing tall in the ocean, Haystack Rock is a seasonal haven for tufted puffins and it slowly emerges from the mist. This virtual travel video and virtual walking trails was so much to film. Virtual walks for treadmill and treadmill walking scenery.

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