We took a road trip after our return from Italy to reconnect with family and have a few other adventures. I managed to squeeze in a few walks along the way from New Mexico (and one from Utah). The first one was in Carlsbad, NM. It’s famous for the nearby caverns.

Hotel in Carlsbad, New Mexico
Walking streets of Carlsbad, NM

While @TravelingMel and Anders hiked the highest point in Texas (nearby) I took an hour to film this walk in Carlsbad. The town is out on the flat and on the edge of Oil Country. It has some interesting history to it and of course, the nearby caverns. The caves are pretty amazing and definitely worth the visit. We took a tour and I considered filming but it was pretty dark. Unlike Carlsbad, NM which was bright and shiny for one of our virtual walks for treadmill. It’s great walking exercise for weight loss and I like filming them so I hope you enjoy. Keep on Steppin’ -H

Buildings in Downtown Carlsbad, NM
Walking tours are great ways to explore cities like Carlsbad

Enjoy the other New Mexico Walks I filmed on this trip:

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