The Carson City Treadmill Walking Tour

Virtual walking tour of Carson City, NV for your health and fitness. Lots of classic old buildings to see.

State Capital of Nevada – Carson City, NV – Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk – 4K City Walks

Old buildings in Carson, NV
Some very cool old buildings along the virtual walking tour of Carson City, NV

TravelingMel moved on from California to Carson City, NV in this virtual walking tours. She filmed this during April 2021. The city has some beautiful mountain spring light for this walk. Carson City was famous for its proximity and ties with the gold rush and subsequent discovery of the Comstock load as well as being the Nevada State Capital. The city sits very near to Lake Tahoe and the city has become a tourism destination with great access to the outdoors and several museums. We Hope you enjoy this lovely walk through a beautiful city at the base of the Sierra Nevadas.

Museum building in Carson City, Nevada
Cool museums and gambling in Carson City

Carson City is, of course, the capital of Nevada. It seems odd to have such a small city as the state capital when Reno and Las Vegas are so huge. But history has a certain inertia. While the Washoe people have lived in this area for millenia, the city itself got its start in 1858 when Abraham Curry bought Eagle Station ranch and renamed it Carson City.

The area boomed when the Comstock Lode was discovered nearby in 1859. Talk about good timing.

The city retains much of it’s western charm.

Storefronts in Carson City, NV
Love the charming store fronts on our virtual treadmill walking video

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Wikipedia: The town began as a stopover for California-bound emigrants, but developed into a city with the Comstock Lode, a silver strike in the mountains to the northeast. The city has served as Nevada’s capital since statehood in 1864; for much of its history it was a hub for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, although the tracks were removed in 1950. Before 1969, Carson City was the county seat of Ormsby County. The county was abolished that year, and its territory merged with Carson City. With the consolidation, the city limits extend west across the Sierra Nevada to the California state line in the middle of Lake Tahoe. The Washoe people have inhabited the valley and surrounding areas for about 6,000 years.

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