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Paris park with the Eiffel Tower in the distance on a summer day as a thumbnail for our city walk live
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Paris, France – Notre Dame to Eiffel Tower

Walking Parisian Streets from Notre Dame Cathedral to Eiffel Tower Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour The last of our Paris, France City walks takes us from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower. We pass a lot of significant locations on this walk. See timestamp links below to go straight to your favorite site. VIDEO CONTENTS: 1:08 – Shakespeare and Co. 4:19 – St. Michelle 10:13 – Pont Neuf 11:16 – Statue of Henry IV and the love locks 18:48 – Pont Des Artes 19:12 – MuseĆ© de Louvre 22:35 – Pyramide de Louvre 26:52 – Place de Carrousel 27:44 – Arc […]

Virtual Walking tour thumbnail showing the front of Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire destroyed it. The walk shows the inside of the cathedral
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Paris, France – Inside Notre Dame Cathedral

Inside Notre Dame before the fire – virtual treadmill walk EDIT: Many of you are here because of the fire at Notre Dame in 2019. Welcome. While it saddens me to no end to have lost so much of a treasure, it is solace to know that the Cathedral has been repaired before and will be repaired now. It also helps to know so many people appreciate Notre Dame’s value as a treasure for us all. My heart goes out to all the Parisians and French who used the cathedral as a working church or home. Thank you all for […]

Sacre Coeur Cathedral in Montmartre in Paris city walk live in this great city
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Paris, France – Sacre Coeur to Notre Dame – virtual walking travel tour

Welcome to Paris. A magical city. This City Walks takes place in Paris as I walk down from Sacre Coeur to Notre Dame on the Ile de Cite. Still working on my technique but getting some good feed back to work with. Support us for just $5 on Patreon Or make a one time Paypal Donation Posts may contain affiliate links. Using these links gives us a couple dollars while the cost is the same. Our Privacy Policy Thanks!

View of Hyeres France from above on our city walks live walk
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Hyeres, France – Walking in the South of France

Exploring the Provence city of Hyeres on a sunny spring morning. City walks visits Hyeres, France. On this spring morning we descend from the fortress on the hill above Hyeres that overlooks the Mediterranean sea down through the old heart of the city. It was already a warm day at 9 am but the sunshine was welcome. As always, let me know in the Youtube comments if you’d like me to change anything up. I’m still experimenting a bit with gear and style. I used a gimbal and a gopro session on this walk. Support us for just $5 on […]

View of the fortress and marina in Marseille France during our virtual walking tour on a hot summer day
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Marseille, France – Ancient City in the South of France

Welcome to Marseille! City Walks in Marseille, France on a sunny but blustery may morning. Marseille is the second largest city in France and dates back to the days of ancient Greece (circa 600 BC). The Romans colonized it for a bit as well and it has always been a main trading center. Marseille sits on the Mediterranean Sea and has very warm weather. The streets can be narrow and/or busy with many outdoor cafes. It hosts many historic and cultural centers and museums and is definitely worth a day or three for exploring. I hope you enjoy this visit. […]

Family in Aix-en-provence
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Aix-en-Provence, France – Walking through Impressionist France

Welcome to Impressionist France! Aix-en-Provence in the south of France treadmill walking tour Aix-en-France Treadmill Walking Video: City Walks: Aix-En-Provence, France – Virtual Walking Treadmill Video and City Tour I didn’t get around to my second city walk for some time. I didn’t realize how much people would enjoy these walks until much later and missed a lot of great opportunities to share our travels. Never the less the sunny south of France did not disappoint and we had a great visit. Provence lived up to its promise. The streets and center of the city known for its ties to […]