Georgia Walks

Mural tribute to James Brown in downtown Augusta, Georgia
40-50 Mins, Georgia Walks, Made by City Walks, North America, Walk Length

Augusta, Georgia Virtual Treadmill Walk

Virtual Treadmill Walk Downtown Augusta Georgia Virtual Walks for Treadmill – Virtual treadmill walks – 4k City Walks Augusta is another one of those places I’ve heard about for years for but never been to. I pictured columned mansions dripping with spanish moss. Both of those things are there but this walk takes place downtown. As we drove in, we passed so many of those mossy, august mansions (see what I did there), but as we got downtown it became more urban. The main road is divided, with live oaks in the median and cafes and restaurants along the street […]

Downtown Athens, Georgia on a cool autumn morning during our virtual treadmill walk
50-60 Mins, Georgia Walks, Made by City Walks, North America, Walk Length

Athens Georgia – University Town Treadmill Walk

Athens Georgia Virtual Walk – Walking Trails for Treadmill and Treadmill Travel – City Walks Athens GA means music down south. REM, B-52s, and Wide Spread Panic made up a good part of my teens and college years. I made a special detour to see an old college buddy of mine and to see the town too. I’d never been though I’d heard of it for years, its name spoken with reverence. It’s also home to University of Georgia (UGA) which is the real driver. It’s actually a fairly town with a university attached. We do another early morning walk […]