New Mexico

Adobe building in Taos New Mexico
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Taos, New Mexico Guided Walking Tour

Taos, NM City Walks – Stop Boring Treadmill Workout Habit ; Your New Way to Enjoy Cardio Workouts Welcome to TAOS, NEW MEXICO! Taos surprised me with its small stature. It has only about 6400 residents but tons of charm. I walked on a cold January afternoon so the city didn’t have a whole lot of bustle to it. We stayed in the historic Taos Inn, right around the corner of the Kit Carson Home and Museum and the Town Plaza. We had some really good food there as well at a Mexican restaurant. The next day, we went over […]

Old Church and statue in Santa Fe New Mexico
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Santa Fe Walking Tours in New Mexico

Welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Let’s take a walk around its old historic streets. We usually take a guided walking tour ourselves but we only had a half day or so in this historic city in the Southwest. The Santa Fe Virtual Treadmill Walk: Historic walks of Santa Fe, NM City Walks –  Your New Way to Enjoy Your Cardio I hope you enjoy this crisp cold winter walking tour of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’ve been wanting to visit New Mexico for a long time. I did some filming in Bosque Del Apache Reserve several years ago during […]