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Henry in front of grain Silo during Belgrade, Montana virtual walk
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, North America, Walk Length

Belgrade, MT Virtual Walk

We’re back in Belgrade, MT. Our last walk was nearly 4 years ago. Belgrade Treadmill Virtual Walk: Virtual Walk Through Belgrade, MT – Virtual Walks for Treadmill – 4k City Walks It’s a grey day but we return to Belgrade, MT, the biggest city in MT that isn’t a county seat. Just 10 miles from Bozeman, Belgrade has it’s own charm and history. Belgrade used to be a agricultural center. It’s still a fairly small city with 12K people but it’s dwarfed by the growth of Bozeman. In fact, it used to be the place where a lot of people […]

Hikers and dogs on Peets Hill in our Bozeman Virtual City Walk live in our thumbnail
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, North America, Walk Length

Snowy Virtual Walk on Peets Hill, Bozeman

We haven’t walked on Bozeman’s Peets Hill in awhile and we had a nice day. I figured let’s do this and save Sourdough for next time. Video for Treadmill Virtual Walk: Peets Hill Bozeman Montana Virtual Walking Tour – 4k City Walks Video for Treadmill Quick note, searchable city walks live on the drop downs and search bar over on the right. Well, I was all set to take you up to Sourdough trail but as I drove past Peets Hill I remembered that it’s been awhile. And, since it’s such a beautiful clear day with lots of happy little […]

Hiker amongst stone formations of Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona
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Chiricahua National Monument Virtual Walk in Nature

After our trip to Elkhorn Ranch, we took a little side quest over to Chiricahua National Monument because I’d seen it in the news recently. It was amazing. The Treadmill Walking Video: Chiricahua Stone Formation Walk – Arizona Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour I saw Chiricahua mentioned in several news articles recently about it possibly becoming a new national park. I figured we’d better go check it out before the crowds arrived. As I mention in this and other walks, we are fascinated with Arizona now and want to go back and really explore more. This little trip was a nice […]

City Walks Live posting a walk in front of El Segundo High School
40-50 Mins, California Walks, Made by City Walks, North America, Walk Length

Morning City Walk – El Segundo, CA

Let’s take another morning virtual walking tour around charming, quiet El Segundo, California. The Virtual Treadmill Walk: California Walking Tour – El Segundo Virtual Treadmill Video – 4k City Walks We have returned to sleepy El Segundo for a virtual walking tour on a winter morning. Though, it’s California so it’s hard to tell that winter is here. We’ve walked here before with a slightly different path so we see some new territory on this walk. Of course, that’s one of the draws of El Segundo: it’s small and quiet and local and near the beach. You rarely get that […]

Old buildings in winter in downtown West Yellowstone, Montana virtual walking tours
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, North America, Walk Length

Winter West Yellowstone Virtual Walking Tour

It’s winter in West Yellowstone, MT. City Walk for Treadmill Video: Winter Walking Tour on Edge of Yellowstone: West Yellowstone Virtual City Tour – 4K City Walks @TravelingMelMT and I took a weekend down to wonderful West Yellowstone, MT in December. The little city bursts at its seems in summer with the excitement of people visiting Yellowstone National Park but in winter it gets much quieter. Even more so the week before Christmas. Of course plenty of snow coach and snowmobile tours take off for day tours into the park and to take people into the snow lodge at Old […]

Cow and barn with autumn colors and blue sky
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Virtual Valley Nature Walking Tour for Treadmill

The Treadmill Walking Video: Hidden Valley virtual Walking Tour out West – 4k City Walks and Treadmill Walking Videos Hello Walkers. This week’s walk takes us back to the beautiful Jackson Creek area. This Forest Service road takes off from the paved Jackson Creek road located just west of Bozeman Pass before you get to the canyon section of I-90.  This morning, we filmed the dirt road last August when the weather was much warmer. This morning brings us clear skies and crisp cool autumn light for our virtual treadmill walk. It’s a fairly easy 2 mile walk past fields […]

Virtual Walking Tour of Three Forks Montana
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, North America, Walk Length

Three Forks MT – Virtual Tours of Cities

We take a nice, relaxing walk through Three Forks, MT in the fall weather. It’s a quiet Sunday and residents are out at church, the golf course, and doing yard work. I hope this virtual treadmill walk helps you pass your workout quickly and easily. The health benefits of walking are getting more and more known in scientific studies. We start out at the Sacagawea Hotel and take in a Silo, a downtown stroll, and then out to the golf course through a residential area. We still have plenty of fall colors but that should be gone later this week […]

Cincinnati Music Hall building with peddle pub in foreground
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, North America, Ohio Walks, Walk Length

Explore Over The Rhine in Cincinnati

One last walk in Cincinnati before we head home. Let’s explore a neighborhood that was decrepit and run down when I lived in Cincy. It’s since become a hip new entertainment area with refurbished businesses and sports arenas. Over The Rhine Treadmill Tour: Exploring Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine Neighborhood: Investments in time and energy have resulted in a wonderful place to find restaurants and barsWe start our walk in the heart of the district and make our way south and then east before looping back north towards E Liberty street. This is a main E/W route and we see a […]

Buildings in downtown Lexington, KY
40-50 Mins, Kentucky Walks, Made by City Walks, North America, Walk Length

Walk Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Downtown Lexington, KY is a fun mix of glass towers and historic old buildings. The downtown area also has the Rupp Arena and is only a few blocks from the University of Kentucky. We also pass by the courthouses . Virtual City Walks and Treadmill tours – Lexington, Kentucky Downtown Walking Tour It’s a quiet afternoon for our summer selection of virtual tours of cities. Lexington has a lot of charm and I imagine it’s a different place when the University is in session and especially on game days. I pass a walking history tour that I was tempted to glom […]

John A Roebling Bridge over the Ohio River in Summer
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, North America, Ohio Walks, Walk Length

Walking in Cincinnati’s Riverfront Parks

I’m actually “from” Cincinnati with deep roots in the city. However, I only lived there a few years in the 90’s. Still this trip brought back a lot of great memories of meeting family and taking advantage of all the amazing things Cincy has to offer. I’d love to go back and do some TravelingMel videos of the place as well. It has a long history of arts, culture, and celebrations. Today’s virtual walk tour takes you along the historic riverfront of Cincinnati OH. The Ohio River rolls inexorably past the “Queen City” with subtle, muddy power. A historical byway […]

University of Tennessee Building
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, North America, Tennessee Walks, Walk Length

University of Tennessee in Knoxville – Virtual Walking Tour

Whelp, I did it again. I got mixed up and posted the second walk in Knoxville as the first. Sorry about that. Knoxville, TN Walking Tour – University of Tennessee – 4K Virtual Tours of Cities The University of Tennessee has over 33000 students and dates back to 1794 when it got its start as Blount College. The campus has over 600 acres of hilltop buildings, athletic facilities and residences. It sits just across from the Worlds Fair Park from Downtown Knoxville. The Tennessee “Vols” (or Volunteers) excel at college football, men’s and women’s basketball, and many more sports and […]

Ripley's building in Gatlinburg Tennessee
40-50 Mins, Made by City Walks, North America, Tennessee Walks, Walk Length

Exploring Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Another of our 4k City Walks. I made a quick stop in Gatlinburg, TN and it kind of took me by surprise. The surrounding area has astounding natural beauty and it actually borders Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The divide, where we start our walk, is stark and obvious. Exploring Gatlinburg, Tennessee – Virtual tour of the Tourist Mecca in TN – Virtual Tours of Cities I originally thought Gatlinburg was a music center, maybe because I have memories of the Gatlin Brothers and I conflated the two. However, it is primarily a gateway town to GSMNP. It reminds me […]