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Hiker in Sabino Canyon near Tucson Arizona on our virtual walking tours
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Desert Walk – Sabino Canyon in Arizona

We are southern Arizona around Tucson for a bit and we are exploring some of the many hiking trails in the area. The Virtual Treadmill Walk: Sabino Canyon Walking Tour – Tucson Area Virtual Treadmill Walk – 4k City Walks We have wanted to explore Arizona for quite a long time. While we only have a relatively short time on this trip, we hope to get back soon. As mentioned, we are in the Tucson area. Tucson has a ton of outdoor activities to explore. The trail to Seven Falls is one of the great hikes near Tucson and is […]

View of the mountains from George Lake Trailhead
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George Lake Trail – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill

It’s strange to think of winter as having a rainbow of colors but the light saturated every part of the spectrum on this one. The Virtual Treadmill Walk: Montana Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – New Trail – City Walks 4K Thanks to @TravelingMel for suggesting this route. As I explain in the above video, rather than go shopping, we were out with friends to grab a Christmas tree and congregate around a fire on a cold day. The light snow had highlighted the rocky cliffs and the peaks stood out against the grey clouds. Mel and Finn did this […]

The skyscrapers of downtown Cincinnati
50-60 Mins, Made by City Walks, North America, Ohio Walks, Walk Length

Explore Downtown Cincinnati, OH Walking Tour

In this week’s virtual city walks, we visit the city of my origins. It’s a pretty old city for the US, especially since it’s not on the East Coast. However, it is on the Ohio River, where we’ve already walked along the river. Now let’s take a virtual walking tour of the downtown Cincinnati. I was born in Cincinnati. It’s a great town but has really changed over the last 50 years. I only lived there a short while but it’s still an anchor of our family tree. The downtown Cincinnati area has a few new buildings, a few refurbished […]

Front of Chattanooga Choo Choo station building
50-60 Mins, Made by City Walks, North America, Tennessee Walks, Walk Length

Chattanooga’s South Side Walking Tour

Chattanooga Video for Treadmill Chattanooga, TN Virtual Walking Tours – City Walks in 4K Welcome back to Chattanooga and this time we walk in the Southside neighborhood which includes the Chattanooga Choo Choo. I always thought that was a train but it turns out it was a train station. It’s now an entertainment complex and hotel. The recent history of the Southside area can be seen in the beginning of our walk, in that old run down buildings either got torn down or renovated to create a charming neighborhood with quiet condo and tree lined streets as well as restaurants, […]

Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum in Rome, Italy in late afternoon light
50-60 Mins, Europe, Italy Walks, Made by City Walks, Walk Length

Rome Italy Virtual City Walks – Catacombs to Colosseum

Walking through Rome past Baths of Caracalla and the Circus Maximus to the Colosseum Rome Italy Virtual City Walks – Treadmill Walking Tours – 4K City Walks We are walking in Rome again today and this time we are back to talking. We are starting out by the Catacombs and making our way back past the Baths of Caracalla and the Circus Maximus to the Colosseum. The afternoon light is lovely and we amble under large umbrella like pine trees. These are the stone pines of Rome. They are sometimes also called umbrella pines or parasol pines for their top-heavy […]

family looks at frescoes preserved in the ruins of Herculaneum in Italy
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🇮🇹Ruins of Herculaneum Walking Tour

We spent a month near Sorrento which is a short train ride from Naples, Pompeii, and Herculaneum. While we’d hoped to also visit Mt Vesuvius on this day trip, the trails were closed so we made do with history and pizza. We are continuing our exploration of ancient Roman ruins in Southern Italy. The Archeological Park of Herculaneum was a small location for the rich class that Vesuvius destroyed in the 79AD eruption. To compare Herculaneum vs. Pompeii consider that When Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D, the volcano covered the city with ash instead of pumice. Hence, the ruins are […]

Tourists in the ferry port on Ischia island in Bay of Napoli
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Ischia Island in Bay of Napoli Walking Tour 🇮🇹

Ischia gained fame prior to tourism as a fortress island protecting the bay of Napoli. Subsequently, it has gotten popular with tourists for its natural hot springs. This walk starts at the point where the walkway leads into town in the photo above and goes over to the ferry port. I hope you enjoy this virtual treadmill walk. Explore Ischia Island in Bay of Napoli – Treadmill Walking Scenery and Virtual Tour Take a Virtual Walking Tour of Ischia Island – Treadmill Walking with Spectacular Views and walking scenery! We’ve moved on from Venice. I posted a walk from Montepulciano […]

View of the Piazza Grande in Montepulciano with the tower of Comune di Montepulciano and the front of Cathedral Saint Mary Of The Assumption
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Walking Montepulciano, Italy

In the 1990’s I lived in Florence for about 5 months studying Italian. I took the chance to visit other towns in Tuscany and was excited to get back. We also stayed in Tuscany in our travels in 2016 but only made it over to Sienna from Florence. Beautiful but busy. We had some time between Venice and Ischia so we were able to fit in a couple nights in Montepulciano. We rented a VRBO apartment right near the Porto Al Prato which was ancient but updated with modern features. There are several hotels as well. These hilltowns of Tuscany […]

The gates of the Armory in Venice Italy
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🇮🇹Venice Armory Walk in Italy

The Venice Virtual City Tour and Video for Treadmill: Venice, Italy Treadmill Entertainment and Walking Tour – City Walks Virtual Treadmill Walk This is Our Fourth walk in Venice this week and we are still blown away. We start our walking tour by the famous Venice Armory. We make our way along the north end of the city and then all the way over to the Santa Lucia Train Station. Our tour takes us across a myriad of bridges over small canals, through several Campos, past at least one clock tower, and innumerable shops, restaurants, cafes and even a historical […]

Statue of Grizzly Bear in West Yellowstone Montana in front of the history museum and virtual travel walk
50-60 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, North America, Walk Length

West Yellowstone, MT Virtual Walking Tour

West Yellowstone, Montana – Virtual Treadmill Workout and Scenery Tour – City Walks in 4K I’m back to West Yellowstone, Montana, checking out the situation there after a hectic year involving closures, floods, and more. The town is on the tail end of tourist season and I walk yout around at midday while many people are in the park but things are still hopping. We cover some new ground in this one and see some areas that are new to me as well. I hope you enjoy this. Sorry for the wind noise. Keep on steppin and if you’d like […]

Jogger on the trail to Frog Rock on our Virtual trail hike
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Frog Rock Hiking Trail Nature Walk

Walking Frog Rock Hiking Trail in Montana; a Treadmill Nature Walk Workout For Weight loss in 4K City Walks In today’s nature walk, We start out at the top of popular Frog Rock hiking trail in Montana on a wonderful summer morning. We start near the base of the actual Frog Rock which is popular for climbers. We get a better view of the rocks as we make our way back down to the trailhead. We also get lots of great views of the valley and surrounding mountains. The trail is actually named the Chestnut Mountain Trail but we alway […]

View of the Mountains in Hyalite Creek canyon in summer
50-60 Mins, Made by City Walks, Montana Walks, Nature and Beach Walks, North America, Walk Length

Hyalite Canyon Loop Trail

Hyalite Reservoir Loop Trail on Beautiful July Day; 4K Nature Trail by City Walks Tour A beautiful wooded walk around the Hyalite Reservoir Loop trail ending up with amazing views up the Hyalite Creek drainage. Support us for just $5 on Patreon Or make a one time Paypal Donation Posts may contain affiliate links. Using these links gives us a couple dollars while the cost is the same. Our Privacy Policy Thanks!