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Historic Downtown Livingston, Montana in winter snow on our virtual walking tour where city walks live
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Livingston, MT Virtual Walk

We are back in Montana and finally starting to get some snow. The Virtual Walk for Treadmill: Livingston Montana Winter Walking Tour – 4k City Walks Video for Treadmill This fun little walk starts out on the “Veterans Bridge”, aka 89 Bridge, aka KPRK Bridge. As mentioned above, we’ve gotten some snow the last few days but it’s been unusually warm. The snow was wet, melted a bit and refroze. This has made the walking a bit icy in places. However, Today we have some blue sky for our walk. From the bridge, I’ll take you into town past some […]

Boy standing on edge of Grand Canyon with titles for video
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Grand Canyon Rim Trail Virtual Walk

We are at the Grand Canyon. It’s cold and windy as we walk along the Rim Trail. The Treadmill Walking Video Grand Canyon Rim Trail Virtual Walking Trail in Winter The Grand Canyon is the most popular national park in the United States. It get’s talked up as one of the most amazing scenes in the world but I have to say, it’s not overhyped. My first look took my breath away, especially since it was right at sunset. Sorry, the walk is the next day in the cloudy windy weather. As we make our way north we make a […]

Buildings on ASU Campus in Tempe AZ
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Tempe Virtual Walking Tour and ASU Campus

We take a day to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. It’s my first time and no video or photo can truly capture it. The Virtual Treadmill Walking Video: Tempe Arizona Virtual Walk and ASU Campus Tour – Virtual Treadmill Tours and City Walks We made a short stop in Tempe to buy a bike and I decided to film a walk around town. A good portion of this walk is actually on the Arizona State University Campus. I really don’t have much information about the city but this part was certainly clean and enjoyable. I hope you like the […]

Bank Building in Downtown Bozeman, Montana on our virtual walking tour
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Bozeman Virtual Walking Tour

Today’s virtual walking tour takes along the streets of Bozeman, Montana. It’s a long walk today at just over an hour. Filming Virtual tours of cities can be a bit tough when the weather doesn’t cooperation but the fall colors really pop on a cool fall day. We’ve filmed in Bozeman several times before but it’s been over a year so I figured I’d go back and give an updated virtual walk. We start at the Emerson Center for the Arts and walk down Main Street to the Library and then into the North Side neighborhood. We circle back to […]

view of the Yellowstone river and Paradise Valley in summer
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Paradise Valley, MT – Summer Walk

Today we are returning to Mallards Rest. It’s a fishing access site and section of State Land that we’ve walked in cold weather in previous years. A viewer requested a warm weather version so here we go. It’s a beautiful day in July about mid morning. We’ll walk along the rim of the slope and then down into the valley to say hi to some cows and see the Yellowstone River. From there, we walk back up the hill and then back down to the campground and boat ramp area that has been closed since the 2022 floods. The high […]

Path below Seceda in the Dolomites of Italy
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Hiking Seceda to Rifugio Firenze in Dolomites

Video For Treadmill: Dolomites Walking Tour – Beautiful Mountain Scenery in Italy – Virtual Treadmill Walk- City Walks 4K I filmed this walk above the town of Ortisei / St. Ulrich near Bolzano. We took a tram up to Seceda, a famous and iconic sheef of rock jutting up into the sky at an angle. You’ve probably seen photos of if you ever researched the Dolomites. As an insta-photo spot, it can get busy. I start this walk afterwards though, after we’ve left most of the crowds behind. It took a bit longer than I expected and is one of […]

Cows sleeping in a wood fenced pasture
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Sopra Bolzano Virtual Walking Tour

A high altitude hike between small towns in the Dolomites. We get some clouds, some cows, and a cat but also some nice views. The Sopra Bolzano Virtual Walking Video For Treadmill: Dolomites of Italy Calming Walking Tour – Sopra Bolzano – 4K City Walks – Virtual Treadmill Workout We’ve arrived in Bolzano / Bozen in the Italian Dolomites. This lovely city has the look of the Alps and could almost be in Bavaria, Switzerland, or Austria. Northern Italy used to be part of Austria-Hungary before World War I and so the cities and towns have both German and Italian […]

Lava Lake alpine lake in the Madison Range in Montana during our Virtual hiking trail
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Lava Lake Trail Virtual Hike

Lava Lake Treadmill Walking Video: Lava Lake Trail Virtual Hike in Montana’s Madison Range, Virtual Treadmill Walking Video This area has a ton of trails around but many of them are long and steep and sometimes not that accessible. Lava Lake Trail in the Gallatin Valley between Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana lends itself to a moderate hiker. The hike fills about 6 miles round trip and pretty steep but you start out next to the Gallatin River and end up at a gorgeous alpine lake encircled by mountains. In our case, we actually start at the lake and work […]

Dirt road leading through green fields into the Mountains of Montana on a virtual treadmill walk
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Dirt Road Montana Spring Day Walk

Montana Back Road – Livingston Peak Road – Virtual Treadmill Travel Walk The grass has greened up and the wildflowers are starting to show. The rain from the last few days disappears with the gusty winds. Today we walk simply up a dirt road towards the mountains and take the occasional look back out over the vast expanse of grasslands and rolling hills. -H Support us for just $5 on Patreon Or make a one time Paypal Donation Posts may contain affiliate links. Using these links gives us a couple dollars while the cost is the same. Our Privacy Policy […]

Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri on our 4k City Walk
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St. Louis, MO Treadmill Entertainment and Walking Tour

St. Louis Treadmill Video: City Walks – St Louis Missouri Virtual Treadmill Travel Walk – Virtual Walks for Treadmill St Louis is one of those iconic cities we’ve all heard about but few have visited. We got there early enough to catch the city coming alive with business and there was plenty of bustle. Unlike the previous 3 cities (see links below), this one seemed more urban some how. Perhaps it was the busier traffic or the ever present construction but there just seemed to be more functional activity than mere beautiful city. That’s not to say it’s not beautiful, […]

Downtown buildings in Sioux City, Iowa during our treadmill walking scenery
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Sioux City, Iowa Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour

The Virtual Treadmill Walk: Sioux City Iowa Virtual Treadmill Travel Tour – Virtual Walking tours for Treadmill – 4k City Walks This is another early morning virtual city walk on our trip East. Sioux City, IA had some of the coolest older buildings we saw on our trip. The city is empty because it was so early in the morning. We had to make a lot of miles on our road trip so some of the walking trails for treadmill entertainment are before the city has really gotten going. The crisp morning air added to the crisp winter light on […]

Downtown Bozeman virtual treadmill walk
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Bozeman, Montana Virtual Halloween Walking Tour

Take a Halloween downtown walking tour in Bozeman, MT City Walks – Bozeman Montana – Halloween Relaxed Travel Treadmill Walking Tour – Bozeman in October It’s Halloween season and we head over to Bozeman for a walking tour on main street to see if there are any festivities. Extreme weather or not, Montana kids get out and fill their sacks with candy and other goodies. In past years, Main Street businesses have a history of hosting a trick or treating event for little kids early on the big day.  And Bozeman is a pretty walkable city with various neighborhoods for […]