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I’m taking a trip back east and I’m going to try to film as many walks as I can fit in. Today we are starting with Chattanooga, TN on the Tennessee River in the SE part of the state. The Tennessee River makes a great anchor for the city and the surrounding hills tower over the water on the west site. You can take a river tour in one of the amphibious vehicles and I think you can also take boat based river tours. The weekend I filmed this, one of the local organizations held a canoe tour. Alas, I left my canoe at home. Still, a beautiful way to see the city.

Chattanooga has existed since the early 19th century (1839) after Andrew Jackson forcibly removed the Cherokee people to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. During the Civil War, Chattanooga became a highly contested city due to its value as a transportation hub. Union troops retreated to Chattanooga after the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863 and the Confederate Army lugged cannon up to Lookout Mountain and bombarded the city.

People at the market in front of the Chattanooga Aquarium
The city has seen its ups and downs but it has really made some key investments in its livability including the River Front area where we walk today.

It’s a bit overcast, very hot, and very muggy Saturday morning down by the River and Acquarium as we walk around exploring.

I hope to do a couple more walks in this great city before I leave. Keep on Steppin’ -H

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