4K City Walks: Cheyenne, Wyoming Tour of Capitol City – Virtual Walk Treadmill City guide Vid

This treadmill trails video is a simple, free walking tour around the capital city of Wyoming. I rolled into town off I-25 in late afternoon. That time of year, I only had an hour of golden autumn light to film. The afternoon was cold and brisk but the light was fantastic. Cheyenne is just over the Colorado border and has a colorful past based primarily around ranching but more recently, around the air force base and politics. The architecture downtown near the railroad tracks and old train station speaks of the old west but gets more modern as you make your way up to the Capitol building. We start out near the Wrangler hotel and make our way up to the Wyoming state Capitol Building. Iā€™d love to get back and explore more of the city someday and spend more than a couple hours there. Let me know our personal connections to Cheyenne, WY in the comments below.

This Cheyenne, CO walking tour video was filmed on a DJI Osmo Pocket.

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