I got to explore Banska Bystrica before my knee but I waited to film. The town has such wonderful quiet charm.

Slovakia – Banska Bystrica, Museums and Nature – 4K City Walks: Virtual Walk Treadmill City Guide

Whoops! I hurt my knee skiing in the area and my lovely wife @TravelingMel (TravelingMel.com) has taken on my walking duties. She’ll be walking the rest of the Slovakia walks and Vienna and has gotten very good at them.

Enjoy this free city walking tour of Banská Bystrica, SK. This was her first walk and the gimbal gave her some trouble but the rest of her vids are quite good. In this one she starts with a marvelous late afternoon view from the top of the clocktower showing you old town square and then walks through the park of military equipment from soviet times and from WWII. Several tanks and artillery and an old airplane. She walks past the cultural museum across the Hron river and up the far side to the top of Urpiner hill.

cannon at a military museum in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia on our city walks live
Cannons at the military museum that also includes tanks and other equipment

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia is not on the main tourist route in the country but it’s a lovely town with a small, friendly old town center. In this treadmill walking scenery, Mel takes us through a residential and commercial area of the city. Banska Bystrica lies in the Low Tatras mountains and has several ski areas nearby in the winter as well as lots of hiking and biking trails in the summer. We are your tour guide on this free walking tour around downtown Banská Bystrica, SK. It’s a small, historic, beautiful city in Slovakia with a charming old town and great prices for tourists. This free tour Banská Bystrica is a great treadmill video.

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