4K City Walks: Copan Ruins Ancient Mayan Ruins in 360 Walking Tour

The Mayan Ruins of Copan, Honduras, just across the border from Guatemal are some of the most impressive in Central America. It has basically merged with the forest which actually helps preserve it. We say the pyramids and ball courts, stelle and temples, and took a private tour to help understand the ancient mayan culture that thrived there. Walking around these ruins was like walking through an Indiana Jones movie. Also known as the Lost City of the Monkey god or the white city, the ruins are amazing to tour around. Wild Macaws have a feeding station and you can hear their cries. There is also a wonderful museum of mayan art on the premises that is definitely worth a visit.

Are you on a treadmill and looking for a virtual treadmill walk? this is a great vr video for you. You can either use a vr headset or use your mouse or touchscreen to scroll around as desired while you exercise on your treadmill. Enjoy.

Looking for a VR walk of the town of Copan Ruinas? Look HERE!

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