4k City Walks: Copan Ruinas, Honduras [The Town] in 360

The city of Copan Ruinas, Honduras is a small town very near the border with Guatemala. It is famous for having the ancient Mayan city of Copan just outside its borders. This well restored city is absolutely amazing and will be my next city walk. The modern town is quite lively with lots of inexpensive restaurants and backpacker hostels as well as many signs indicating people should leave their guns outside. Not very reassuring but we were there with our kids to see the mayan ruins and this little Honduras city was just fine. We stayed at the Iguanta Azul hostel which was very nice and had an attached hotel and cafe with all natural, locally sourced food that was great if pricy.

You can go HERE for a VR tour of the local Mayan Ruins. Such a neat experience!

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