City Walks: Corning, NY 360 Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour

Note: You can use your mouse to click the video and drag around to change your view.

City Walks: Corning, NY -Flat 2D- Virtual Treadmill Walking Tour

In 2018 we attended the TBEX travel conference in Corning, NY and the Lakes District of upstate NY. It’s a meet up of travel bloggers from around the world and they have all sorts of talks and networking opportunities. My favorite Travel Blogger,, (also my wife) gets a lot out of it so we’ve attended since 2017 (in Killarney). The conference took place right next to the Corning Glass Museum and our hotel was right around the corner. This meant a 5 minute walk to Corning’s historic and charming downtown which we explore in this treadmill walking tour in VR 360 and I also made a “flat” 2d version if you prefer that. We followed downtown with a lovely neighborhood of old victorian homes. It really was just charming.

I hope you enjoy this treadmill workout if you walk at home or the gym.

I recently walked Cold Spring, NY on the Hudson River as well.

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