Baby it’s cold outside. Take a walk in dangerous weather.

Bozeman Montana Dangerous Cold Virtual Walk – City Walks Montana Walking Tour & Treadmill Scenery

Hello Walkers. IT. IS. COLD!!! the temperature is -25C / -11F. In today’s virtual walks for treadmill, I take you around Bozeman, MT. That is pretty cold for treadmill walking scenery but I am willing to bundle up and brave the weather to make these walking tours for treadmill for you guys. 🙂 Seriously though, while it is cold, it’s nothing too unusual for Montana. I bundled up and dressed appropriately and the walking part was easy. There was barely even a breeze today. We start downtown and you can see the temp on the bank signs. We’ve also gotten a bunch of snow and we walk around Downtown Bozeman as even more snow falls.

Our virtual walking tour takes us down packed and busy Main Street. We walk by several restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and gift shops as well as new buildings and office space. The Baxter Hotel (which is not a hotel) rises in the snow. The Armory and the Element as well as the Lark have claimed the newest hotels title. There are two theaters downtown as well. The catholic church sits across from Wells Fargo and next to First Interstate bank and the Emerson is a block south of those. We take a brief detour into the South Side neighborhood before going back to downtown and walking some alleys

We hope you enjoy our hiking 4k walking tour today. It’s still cold but supposed to warm up a bit next week. Still, it’s warmer to walk at home. I really enjoy making these virtual hikes for treadmill and they help get me outside. You can walk along at home, go for a virtual treadmill run, or just watch and relax to the treadmill scenery walk as I chat and point out restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and other sites and things to do in Bozeman. 4K city walks succeeds due to your support and feedback so when I ask for comments, I really do mean it. Reading your personal stories really motivates me to keep going and making more scenic walking videos for treadmill.

Bozeman Montana Pete’s Hill Cold Virtual Walk – City Walks Montana Walking Tour & Treadmill Scenery

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