Welcome back to Arches National Park. It’s been a couple years but I found a new trail to share with you. See links to earlier walks below.

The Virtual Walking Video for Treadmill:

Delicate Arch Walking Tour in Arches National Park – City Walks Virtual Treadmill Walk

This week we take a walk in Arches National Park. I’m a big fan of public lands and believe we need to protect them. Luckily we have the national park system. Arches has a fascinating geological history and even more beautiful landscape.
Let’s take a virtual walking tour across the red rocks from iconic and beautiful Delicate Arch to the parking lot.

Hike looks out at Delicate Arch at beginning of virtual walking tour
Anders and I marveled at the sandstone formation of Delicate Arch

Anders and I hiked out to Delicate Arch before I started filming. We passed a few people on their way in and a couple on their way out but when we got there, we had it all to ourselves. We wondered at the Delicate Arch formation and made our way around the great sandstone bowl where it’s located. Anders and I bot watched our step here and along the way because snow had fallen a couple days earlier and still highlighted the whole park.

Visitors on the Red Rocks prepare a photo and just enjoy the public space in Arches National Park
We see several other visitors on our virtual walking tour for treadmill enjoying their/our public lands

We were soon joined by other visitors (public land co-owners) and shared a short time enjoying the way the snow added contrast to the landscape and made the colors pop even more in the morning sun. I have to imagine this are gets pretty crowded in summer, despite the new and much needed reservation system that runs from April-October. In winter though, we found plenty of parking and quiet spaces.

Snowy ledge for a path on our city walk in Arches National Park
City Walks can be easier than nature walks when the paths look this. Watch your

The snowy paths looked more sketchy than they were, though some spikes or yak-traks could help. On a hike we did later without filming we had to turn around because the snow made the path too slippery and the fall seemed pretty far. We had no problem on this trail though.

Flat exposed red sandstone rock makes up part of our virtual walking tour
Open spaces can mean amazing views

After the snowy ledges, I take you through a small ravine where water has a chance to collect. This allows hardy plants to survive here and to grow a bit taller bigger than other areas. From there, the walk leads down and across a vast open space of red “slick rock” which actually has great traction in the dry spots. The views here of the distant mountain ranges also make me smile.

Wolfe Ranch Homestead at the trailhead where I end your virtual nature walking tour
The Wolfe Ranch Homestead sits right next to the trailhead

Right next to the trail head lives the old Wolfe Ranch Homestead. It has an old cabin and some horse corrals. If you want to know more about the park, I highly recommend a stop at the visitor center. You can also refill water bottles and use the bathroom here. Of course, there’s several pit toilets at the trailhead as well. Please remember that dogs are not allowed on the trails so make sure the weather won’t be in an issue if you have to leave a pet in a vehicle.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual walking tour for treadmill through your public lands. Keep on steppin’ -Henry

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