When we have cool summer walks without smoke, we take advantage of them.

Morning Walk along Jackson Creek Road near Bozeman, Montana – 4K City Walks and Virtual Treadmill Workout

Another beautiful Montana morning as we walk down a section of the Jackson Creek Rd which is a dirt road located between Bozeman and Livingston and not far from Frog Rock Trail. The morning sun shines on the hay fields and we hear the call of sand hill cranes out amongst the sage brush. Enjoy this shorter treadmill workout for weight loss.

Forest along Jackson Creek dirt road in the Bridger Mountains of Montana with summer light for our virtual citywalk live
We start in the treed area up the hill and make our way down

We actually start a ways up the road and make our way down. Trees line the road and give a bit of shade on a warm August day in Montana. This is a nice road to walk in the mornings though most of it is closed in winter.

Cattle Grate on dirt road in Montana
Cattle grates are common out here

We cross a creek as we leave the hills find a cattle grate that pretty much marks the beginning of the hay meadows and grazing land out on the flat. Surprisingly, this is still pretty high up but I love the color contrasts of the hay bales out in the fields. We end our walk at the paved part of Jackson Creek Road that leads over to Bridger Canyon.

round hay bales in a field along Jackson Creek road in Montana in summer
Looking towards Bridger Canyon with hay bales

Keep on steppin’ -Henry

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