Family hiking in the Dolomites of Italy
The views were always incredible and the days achievable

We continue our trek along the Alta Via 2 (AV2) through the Dolomites today. We had hired a tour company to make all the accommodations for us and this meant we had a place to stay and get meals every evening. This Trek was one of the most fun family travel experiences we have had. Italy Dolomites are amazing and should be a bucket list item for everyone, in my opinion.

Mountains of Italian Dolomites
Filming these virtual walking tours means

We left Pisciadù with clouds covering the valley below and ascended barren craggy trails, with some more cable assists, into another layer of mist and fog. It’s strange to walk through clouds but luckily the trails were well marked, if eerie.

🇮🇹 Dolomites Hiking Trail – Walking To Beautiful Rifugio – Italy Virtual Treadmill Walk

We opted to take a cable car down from the 9500 feet into the valley below and the second half of the hike was simply beautiful. We followed the trail and filmed this walk from the Rifugio Viel Dal Pan to just about the place where the trail descends abruptly to the Rifugio Castiglioni Marmolada at the foot of Lake Fedaia. We get amazing views of the Marmolada peaks and glacier as well as pass through a massive herd of sheep. I loved how open this trail was and after so much ascent/descent, I was glad to have some miles of level trail for this virtual treadmill walk and workout.

Want to learn more about our Trek through the Dolomites? Check out TravelingMel’s Blog Post about our trip!

Billy goat on mountain trail up close
Not all nature trails are empty. This stinky billy goat had no fear of strangers on his trail.

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