4K City Walks: Fort Collins, Colorado Walking Tour – Virtual Walk Treadmill Scenery City guide

This virtual treadmill walk explores the downtown area of the city of Fort Collins, CO. The town surprised me a bit. I’d stayed at a hotel out by the highway but didn’t remember coming into the town center. The old buildings and small town feel really charmed me. I walked around the pedestrian area, past bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, and made my way out to the New Belgium Brewery, one of the top sights in Fort Collins and famous for its pioneering of micro brews. I crossed the Cache de la Poudre River on a fine fall afternoon before heading back through downtown and into a residential area with lovely old homes. I’d hoped to have a chance to tour around the Fort Collins, Colorado college which is Colorado State University but I’ll have to save that for next time. There are lots of things to do in Fort Collins, CO. Let me know our personal connections to Ft Collins Colorado in the comments below.

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