Historic buildings in downtown Knoxville, TN
I love finding the old center of towns during our virtual city walks

Exploring Downtown Knoxville was pretty interesting. I saw all sorts of great buildings and activities.

I meant to post this last week but got mixed up. Whoops. But I’m back and today I will take you around the downtown area and point out several different hotels, restaurants, theaters and little parks. It’s a cloudy but warm morning and the downtown are is pretty quiet. Though, I have to admit, prior to the walk I did see an altercation that put me on edge. We also walk through the morning Farmers Market which wasn’t very busy at this hour. Hopefully, it picked up. I saw lots of coffee shops and other breakfast places that smelled really good.

Downtown has lots of tall commercial buildings mixed in with older historic places. I especially enjoyed an alley full of murals and other art. I hope you enjoy this walking tour of Knoxville, TN. Keep on Steppin’ -H

Dolly Parton mural in Knoxville, Tennessee
The allies of Knoxville have some great public art during our virtual walking tour

During the Civil War, Knoxville had a strong Anti-Slavery movement but business ties led the area to acquiesce to the secession vote in 1861. In 1863, the Union Forces took over the city for the duration of the war.

After the war, northerners moved into invest in the city. Welsh immigrants swelled the population in the area known as Mechanicsville.
In 1982, the city hosted the Worlds Fair which inspired the construction of the Sun Sphere which is one of the last remaining structures from the fair.

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