El Segundo Walking Video for Treadmill:

California Walking Tour in El Segundo – Walking Trails for Treadmill – 4k City Walks Virtual Walk

El Segundo, “The Second”, lies well off the PCH. That way traffic doesn’t route through the neighborhood and it stays quiet and leafy. Today I walk you through the “downtown” part and then down to the beach.

Closed street with seating in El Segundo during virtual walk
I love it when quiet streets are taken back from cars

Of Course, I love the way these little neighborhoods have their own little commercial centers and small restaurants and stores and coffee shops and parks. It’s literally a ten minute walk from the beach and just down the road, or bike path, from Manhattan beach. The day before, we saw people practicing hang gliding on the dunes. Another attribute(?) is that there’s very limited parking and a big refinery right there so not many people come to this beach. It’s mainly people walking down from the neighborhood. I walk on an early and quiet Sunday morning so we have the place mostly to ourselves.

Street above El Segundo Beach with ocean and desalination plant during virtual walk
Surrounded by industry and airports, El Segundo is an island of calm

We start in the center of town where we see some outdoor seating and storefronts. I love this aspect of California. You can have these outdoor spaces most of the year. As I mentioned it’s a quiet day, even on this main route to the beach.

The main Chevron refinery is to the left as we head to the beach and we actually pass another industrial area that is a water plant, I think. We head down the hill and make our way out to the beach on a beautiful morning. So idyllic. Well, except for the industrial stuff.

electric bike with surfboard rack at beach during virtual walk
Electric bikes and surfing? Yes please!

From there we head along the beach and the path towards Manhattan beach. The waves crash and you can see surfers our in the ocean. I particularly liked the Ebike with the surfboard carrier. I hope you enjoy this relaxing virtual walk. Keep on Steppin’ -H

El Segundo or “The Second” is named for the “second” refinery that is located there. El Segundo also borders LAX and you can watch planes taking off from the beach.

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