One last walk in Cincinnati before we head home. Let’s explore a neighborhood that was decrepit and run down when I lived in Cincy. It’s since become a hip new entertainment area with refurbished businesses and sports arenas.

Over The Rhine Treadmill Tour:

Exploring Cincinnati’s Over The Rhine Neighborhood:

Sunday morning scene in Over the Rhine during our city walk live

Investments in time and energy have resulted in a wonderful place to find restaurants and barsWe start our walk in the heart of the district and make our way south and then east before looping back north towards E Liberty street. This is a main E/W route and we see a congregation leaving church. From there we make our way over to Washington Park and the Cincinnati Music Hall. This building is an ornate Venetian Gothic brick building just down the street from TQL stadium where the FC Cincinnati soccer team plays. We give that a quick walk-by and head back into the historic heart of the district. I think this is a very pleasant relaxing walking tour and I hope you think so too. Read below for more info on Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine district.

Saint Francis Seraph Catholic Church on Liberty Street on a sunny summer sunday during our virtual walk
Saint Francis Seraph Catholic Church on Liberty street getting out after services

Investments in time and energy have resulted in a wonderful place to find restaurants and bars.

The Over The Rhine Area still has an edge to it in places but it been reinvigorated by public and private investments. The old German buildings have been rehabbed in much of it and new coffee shops, bars, and restaurants have moved in. The new Soccer Stadium is on the western edge and the parks have seen some investment as well. I’m not sure if this has raised gentrification issues where the poorest get pushed out and left out of growth and opportunities but hopefully the long time residents have benefitted from the efforts and energy put into it. Let’s go explore the old neighborhood that was known for poverty, crime, and deterioration just a generation ago.

Beautiful old houses in Over the Rhine in Cincinnati
So many wonderfully refurbished historic buildings in this Cincinnati neighborhood

The neighborhood’s name comes from the predominantly German immigrants who developed the area in the mid 1800s. Many of the workers walked to work across bridges over the Miami and Erie Canal, that divided the neighborhood from downtown Cincinnati. The canal was nicknamed “the Rhine” in reference to the river Rhine in Germany, and the newly settled area north of the canal as “Over the Rhine”.

Cincinnati Music Hall as seen from Washington Park on a sunny summer morning during our virtual tours of cities
Washington Park is just the largest of several parks around Over The Rhine

Over-the-Rhine changed as many locals moved to the suburbs after the second world war. The city and region had lost many of the industrial jobs that once supported the workers. By the end of the century, the area was noted for its poverty and crime. Following social unrest in 2001, the neighborhood has since been the focus of millions of dollars of redevelopment mainly through the Cincinnati City Center Development Corporation, a non-profit.

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