Old church in Kosice, Slovakia
Wonderful old building in this little town on the border with Hungary

Have you heard of Košice, Slovakia before? I hadn’t but I really loved our overnight visit. So charming.

Kosice, Slovakia at Christmas – Virtual Walk Treadmill City Guide and Tour – 4K City Walks

Let’s go exploring Košice, Slovakia! This is a free city walking tour of the old town of Košice, SK. I went out early through the Christmas Market and surrounding streets before everything really got going. The night before was full of holiday lights and wonderful smells and sights. The holiday and community spirit was alive and well in Košice. .

I’m your tour guide on this free walking tour around downtown Košice, SK. It’s a bustling, historic, beautiful city in Slovakia with a charming old town and great prices for tourists. This free tour Košice is a great treadmill video.

I was surprised to learn that Košice has 230,000 people. It seems much cozier, at least in the center. It was at one time part of Hungary but now sits in the east of Slovakia.

Old buildings along historic street in Kosice, Slovakia
I love finding these old streets in historic cities

Kosice is not on the main tourist track so taking a virtual walk is a lot easier. I love filming these virtual tours of cities for you and I hope you enjoy watching them. It’s really fun for me to get out in the morning and see these places wake up and come alive. It makes me feel like I’m seeing the real place. The winter light really created some great colors in the old buildings and the lack of crowds had a small city vibe.

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