Walking through Cooke City, little town on the edge of Yellowstone

Walking Through Cooke City Montana – 4K City Walks – Virtual Travel Walking Treadmill Walk Scenery

It might as well be winter here in Montana as it gets cold in mid November. Cooke City, MT is a tiny little city that is on the road between Gardiner, MT and the Beartooth Highway. This time of year though, it’s at the end of what is essentially a very long dead end road. You reach it by driving through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, deep into the Beartooth mountains. TravelingMel was visiting on another project and  and was kind enough that she took some time to do a short walk up and down short main street to show us the rustic buildings and majestic towering mountains.

Population 140, Cooke City is a tourist town and in winter that means snow machines or skidoos. It’s still a bit early for that and these few weeks in November are the real off season for the town. It’s the most distant town in Park County which makes logistics like emergency services and law enforcement tricky. Cooke City is also the highest city in Montana at 7600 feet of elevation. Soda Butte Creek flows through town and the views of the mountains are epic.

Mel filmed this before the epic flooding of 2022 which left the town isolated and cut off for quite awhile. As of this posting, the road has been opened again and they have access to the outside world in winter.
Enjoy the views and small town charm in this treadmill scenery virtual travel walking tour.

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